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About Us
About Us
Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd. is located in Fujian of China - a province famous for its granite resources and stone exportation.  We are a professional stone incorporation of mining, manufacturing and trading. Our advantages:  1) Quarrier: We own the biggest quarries of granite G664/Luoyuan Red/Violet Luoyuan & G687 / Peach Red and also directly cooperated with many other popular granite quarries like G603, G654, G562, Shanxi Black. etc, our annual output is more than 100,000m3. 2) ...
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  • How to assess the quality of stone mine resources 2019/Aug/16

    Stone is a resource-dependent industry, and stone resources have also been favored by many investors. Major industries have successively joined the stone industry, and the stone mining industry has formed a pattern of diversification of investment entities. The main contents of stone mine evaluation1

  • Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of marble stairs and granite stairs 2019/Aug/08

    First, the marble staircase A good marble staircase reflects the decorative style of the whole house. Low-key without losing luxury, noble is not restrained. The pen and ink are indescribably magnificent. Whether it is a villa, a duplex building, or a self-built house, the stairs are an essential pa1

  • Stone floor repair method 2019/Jul/24

    1. Repair the defect surface After the long-term use of marble stone, it is inevitable that there will be defects. In the repair of the marble defect surface, the defect part must be cleaned and the dust should be exhausted with a vacuum cleaner, and then the discarded stone of the same quality shou1


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    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!