Why do stones need to be surface treated?


The reason why the natural stone will be surface treated and then presented in the indoor space, I think there are at least three reasons:

1. Satisfy the safety of the stone itself: Since the stone is a natural material, if it is not surface treated, it is easy to return to alkali, yellowing or even weathering due to chemical reaction after leaving the factory.

2. Satisfy the functionality: different spaces, different design techniques, need different properties of the stone to meet its functionality. For example, in the application of exterior wall stone, the freehand surface treatment method such as axe face or lychee face is used to reflect the thick feeling and strength of the stone.

3. Satisfy the aesthetics: It is self-evident that any decorative materials are decorative in the space, different stone surface treatment methods, can also meet different design concepts. Such as: want to achieve the magnificent effect, high-gloss stone is inevitable. Back to the topic of stone surface treatment, I think that in addition to the natural texture and fine texture, the rich surface treatment form and super plasticity of stone are the essential difference between it and related substitute materials. So, what is the surface treatment of stone:

“When the stone itself is guaranteed to be safe, the surface is treated differently to give it a different material style to meet various design needs.”

This is called stone surface treatment. Any natural stone can be surface treated, but depending on the type of stone and the pattern, the suitable surface treatment form is different. According to the softness and hardness of the stone, the appropriate surface treatment form should be selected.


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