What should we do if there is no gloss after the marble is polished?


After the marble is polished, there is no gloss. You need to polish and polish with a finer polishing pad.
Marble polishing is the last process of stone care crystal surface treatment or the last process of stone light board processing. It is one of the most important process of stone care today!
The methods of marble care can be divided into:
1: Refurbished grinding treatment. 2: Local drop processing. 3: Cleaning protection treatment. 4: Crystal polishing treatment. 5: Seamless filling processing, etc.
Renovation grinding process, crystal polishing process construction process:
1. Rough grinding: use 50#, 150#, 300#, 500# resin hard grinding block (rough grinding, do not use soft water grinding disc for grinding, easy to appear wave, affect flatness) rough grinding water supply is slightly larger but remember Can not be too much, each grinding piece should be thoroughly absorbed after grinding, check whether the deep scribe left by the cutting abrasive is worn off with 50# grinding piece, and so on, the machine goes to the well to grind, and the coarse grinding accounts for 45% of the total grinding time. It is the key link to ensure the quality of project completion.
2, fine grinding: use 800 #, 1000 #, 2000 # resin soft water grinding tablets, fine grinding accounted for 35% of the overall time, fine grinding to 800 # after the first light appeared, fine grinding to 2000 # after the gloss up to 50 degree.
3, fine grinding: using 3000# resin soft water grinding plate spray A2 grinding, ion exchange, fine grinding accounted for 20% of the overall grinding time, the gloss after polishing is very high, the surface density of marble stone is improved, for the polishing agent A solid foundation that enhances the adhesion of the polishing material.
4, polishing: use power 2HP or more, speed 175---210 rev / min, weight 45-70 kg crystal machine, animal hair content 70% animal hair pad, 3M pad, nano pad, with marble mirror complex cream NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing, after polishing, the surface gloss of the marble can reach at least 90-100 degrees.



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