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  • How to identify dyed marble?
    How to identify dyed marble?

    How to identify dyed marble? Although the phenomenon of decorative stone staining is common in the market, as long as the consumer pays attention, it is not difficult to detect the bottom. For example, natural stone will have color difference, and dyed stone tends to be dark and uniform in color, with small color difference, and the surface gloss is not natural, and it is relatively rigid. The most direct and effective way to distinguish is to look at the side of the stone or the incision. It can clearly find the level of penetration of the dyed stone. The surface is dark and the middle color is light. In addition, dyed stone generally has a layer of wax, as long as the surface of the stone is baked with a lighter, and the wax is melted, it is likely to be dyed. Some large stone companies pay attention to the brand and product quality, and generally do not easily make a fuss on the stone surface. Due to its high hardness, wear resistance, oil stains and stains, natural marble has become the material of choice for many home decoration. The price of the marble in the market is low and there is no brand.

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  • What is the high temperature resistance of quartz?
    What is the high temperature resistance of quartz?

    The proportion of quartz in home decoration stone is getting higher and higher, especially the use of cabinet countertops is the most common in home decoration, and the problem of leakage is more obvious, such as bursting and partial discoloration. Quartz stone plates are composed of more than 93% natural quartz and about 7% of colorants, resins and other additives to adjust adhesion and curing. The artificial quartz stone is formed by vacuum vacuum, high-frequency vibration molding, heating and solidification, its texture is hard, the structure is compact, and it is incomparable with other decorative materials (Mohs hardness above 6) and pressure resistance (density 2.0g/cubic). Cm), high temperature resistance (300 °C temperature resistance), anti-corrosion, anti-penetration does not contain any pollution sources and radiation sources, is a new green and environmentally-friendly artificial stone, quartz stone price is higher than other stone. Speaking of this, many people will wonder that quartz stone plates can withstand high temperatures up to ≤300°. Why does the hot container directly on the table cause cracking and discoloration? Because the above-mentioned quartz stone plate material contains 7% of resin solvent, it is prone to heat up and shrink when it is exposed to high temperature. It is easy to crack or the bottom mark of the container due to sudden local heating, such as no expansion joints reserved during construction. Discoloration. Quartz stone manufacturers suggest that users should avoid the use of thermal insulation mats when direct contact with hot containers.

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  •   Letter Of Invitation-Auckland Build
    Letter Of Invitation-Auckland Build

    Dear Friend, Here you are sincerely invited to visit us on:             Hall 3, 352# Xiamen Dalei Stone Co. Ltd Exhibition: BuildNz, Auckland, New Zealand Date:          23~25th, Jun. 2019 With 10+ years experience, Dalei Stone is qualified in manufacturing and supplying natural stone products. Our main products: Building stones, Tombstones, Garden stones.etc. Hope to meet you then and wish you success in all business! Best regards XIAMEN DALEI STONE

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  • Application and art of granite stone pots
    Application and art of granite stone pots

    Core Tip: Stone pots, also known as cobblestone pots, are made of stone or pebbles. It belongs to the creative flower pot, the flower pot is small, the volume is exquisite, and it can be placed on the palm of the hand. It is suitable for breeding succulents and miniature plants. Because of its beautiful appearance, it has been loved by many people. Introduced are large stone flower pots, various types of stone potted flower products made of natural granite stone.      Natural stone granite flower pots, granite flower pots are hard and compact, high in strength, resistant to weathering, corrosion, abrasion and water absorption. The beautiful color can be preserved for more than 100 years and the color is beautiful.    The flower pot is a utensil for planting flowers, and the utensils for display are small inverted round table or chamfered table shape at the bottom end of the mouth, and the texture is mostly granite natural stone.    Granite stone pots, marble pots are soft and beautiful, elegant in style, rich in color, good in rigidity, high in hardness, strong in abrasion resistance and small in temperature deformation. Easy maintenance and long service life.     Stone flower pots are mainly used for urban decoration and landscaping. Its appearance has increased the landscape of the city and enriched the spiritual enjoyment of urban residents. As an integral part of the city, flower pots can exist alone or in combination with buildings. It is not only built to beautify the environment, but its existence also reflects the spirit of the city.   Natural stone stone flower pots are made of stone carving pots made of natural stone. The shape is realistic and lifelike. It is suitable for residential areas, squares, gardens, hotels, schools, outdoor garden landscape projects and other places.

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  • What should we do if there is no gloss after the marble is polished?
    What should we do if there is no gloss after the marble is polished?

    After the marble is polished, there is no gloss. You need to polish and polish with a finer polishing pad. Marble polishing is the last process of stone care crystal surface treatment or the last process of stone light board processing. It is one of the most important process of stone care today! The methods of marble care can be divided into: 1: Refurbished grinding treatment. 2: Local drop processing. 3: Cleaning protection treatment. 4: Crystal polishing treatment. 5: Seamless filling processing, etc. Renovation grinding process, crystal polishing process construction process: 1. Rough grinding: use 50#, 150#, 300#, 500# resin hard grinding block (rough grinding, do not use soft water grinding disc for grinding, easy to appear wave, affect flatness) rough grinding water supply is slightly larger but remember Can not be too much, each grinding piece should be thoroughly absorbed after grinding, check whether the deep scribe left by the cutting abrasive is worn off with 50# grinding piece, and so on, the machine goes to the well to grind, and the coarse grinding accounts for 45% of the total grinding time. It is the key link to ensure the quality of project completion. 2, fine grinding: use 800 #, 1000 #, 2000 # resin soft water grinding tablets, fine grinding accounted for 35% of the overall time, fine grinding to 800 # after the first light appeared, fine grinding to 2000 # after the gloss up to 50 degree. 3, fine grinding: using 3000# resin soft water grinding plate spray A2 grinding, ion exchange, fine grinding accounted for 20% of the overall grinding time, the gloss after polishing is very high, the surface density of marble stone is improved, for the polishing agent A solid foundation that enhances the adhesion of the polishing material. 4, polishing: use power 2HP or more, speed 175---210 rev / min, weight 45-70 kg crystal machine, animal hair content 70% animal hair pad, 3M pad, nano pad, with marble mirror complex cream NO2, 2X mirror lock bright knife into the milk Q5 for polishing, after polishing, the surface gloss of the marble can reach at least 90-100 degrees.  

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  • Dalei Stone Welcome Your Visit This May Sydney 14th-16th Design BuildExpo
    Dalei Stone Welcome Your Visit This May Sydney 14th-16th Design BuildExpo

    Dear friends, Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd is going to exhibit its products on 2019 Sydney 14th-16th Design BuildExpo. The main products going to be exhibited includes new marble tiles and slabs for interior bathroom and kitchen, new Hainan G654 granite and Hainan black basalt,Mosaic. And also other granite for floor paving, curbstone, tombstone, countertop etc. Hope to meet you at 2019 Sydney Design BuildExpo. Also please contact us freely if you need any product catalog before the fair. Thank you.

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  • Why do stones need to be surface treated?
    Why do stones need to be surface treated?

    The reason why the natural stone will be surface treated and then presented in the indoor space, I think there are at least three reasons: 1. Satisfy the safety of the stone itself: Since the stone is a natural material, if it is not surface treated, it is easy to return to alkali, yellowing or even weathering due to chemical reaction after leaving the factory. 2. Satisfy the functionality: different spaces, different design techniques, need different properties of the stone to meet its functionality. For example, in the application of exterior wall stone, the freehand surface treatment method such as axe face or lychee face is used to reflect the thick feeling and strength of the stone. 3. Satisfy the aesthetics: It is self-evident that any decorative materials are decorative in the space, different stone surface treatment methods, can also meet different design concepts. Such as: want to achieve the magnificent effect, high-gloss stone is inevitable. Back to the topic of stone surface treatment, I think that in addition to the natural texture and fine texture, the rich surface treatment form and super plasticity of stone are the essential difference between it and related substitute materials. So, what is the surface treatment of stone: “When the stone itself is guaranteed to be safe, the surface is treated differently to give it a different material style to meet various design needs.” This is called stone surface treatment. Any natural stone can be surface treated, but depending on the type of stone and the pattern, the suitable surface treatment form is different. According to the softness and hardness of the stone, the appropriate surface treatment form should be selected.

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  • How to maintain the flamed surface finished stone.
    How to maintain the flamed surface finished stone.

    When stone is used as a high-grade decorative material for the decoration of building surfaces, the maintenance and maintenance of stone is increasingly urgent and important. The refurbishment process of the stone fire board is uniformly moved by the flame spray on the board surface, the moving speed is 120~250 mm per second, the distance between the spray gun mouth and the board surface is 20~40 mm, and the inclination angle is mutually, the flame The temperature is 800~1000 °C. Before the flame is sprayed, the plate is sprayed first (to prevent the plate from burning when the flame is burned, and the water is heated to absorb heat). Let it fall off the surface layer of 0.5~1 mm. The granite material processed by this method exposes the true color of the stone, and has a simple, rough and natural feeling. Then use the stone anti-fouling and anti-seepage treatment method to maintain and protect the stone. Methods as below: Stone anti-fouling and anti-seepage treatment is a strong osmosis effect of anti-seepage agent. It does not form a film on the surface layer and penetrates into the internal micropores to form a nano-scale spherical crystal curing layer, which can prevent the entry of various water pollutants. It can not affect the color and breathability of the stone, and avoid the stone lesion caused by the moisture retention inside the stone; the dust and pollution can only float on the surface of the stone, and the cleaning is convenient. The waterproof antifouling protection agent has strong penetrating power and plays a role in maintenance and protection of the stone surface of the building. ? 1, will not change the performance and color of the stone surface; 2, lasting and effective to prevent erosion and damage caused by water, freezing and air pollution; ? 3, long-lasting and effective to prevent sewage infiltration, dust adhesion, to keep the surface of the treated stone clean; 4, persistent inhibition of mold, moss, macular growth; ? 5, with 100% permeability, to maintain the original permeability of the building; 6, improve thermal insulation performance, with UV resistance, protect the surface color of the stone, prevent fading; 7, with self-cleaning, self-cleaning ability, strong wind, rain can clean the surface of the treated dust, rinse with high-pressure water, will not destroy its surface effect. 8. Effectively prevent colored oils such as cooking oil, blue-black ink, juice, cola, coffee, tea, soy sauce, red wine, etc. from infiltrating into the pollution, easy to maintain and clean. Maintain the natural color appearance and breathability of the substrate. All the fire-burning stone is afraid of acid and alkali, which will make the fire plate yellow, the surface of the fire plate is eroded, and the alkali will cause the fire to cause the crystal to peel off, so that the surface of the fire plate will be lost. A cleaner with a neutral pH should be used. The daily cleaning of the fire board requires only mild soap and water. To ...

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  • How to care for outdoor floor stone?
    How to care for outdoor floor stone?

    Outdoor floor stone cleaning method For the pollution of non-slip floor stone, there are several traditional cleaning methods used in daily cleaning. 1. High-pressure water gun cleaning using high-pressure water gun cleaning It can remove dust on the surface of stone and relatively easy to clean pollutants, but high-pressure water gun cleaning wastes precious water resources, and splashes when washing, it is easy to pollute other parts, and cleaning is not complete. 2, single brush machine nylon brush cleaning using a single brush machine plus nylon brush disk cleaning is the current general cleaning method, the structure of the single brush machine itself is clean for lighter pollution, stone surface pollution is not thorough cleaning . 3, chemical cleaning agent cleaning chemistry Cleaning agent can wash away the more serious stone pollution, but will cause damage to the flowers, railings and other decorative objects around the stone. If used improperly, it will cause new lesions in the stone and affect the stone decoration effect. 4, grinding comprehensive cleaning Grinding cleaning is a newly developed stone surface cleaning method, it can achieve the effect of thoroughly cleaning the stone surface with other chemical cleaning stone.

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  • Introduction to anti-slip technology on stone surface
    Introduction to anti-slip technology on stone surface

    Stone slip overview Stone anti-skid uses advanced anti-slip construction technology to make anti-slip effect on natural stone, terrazzo, ceramic and concrete surface. Generally suitable for stairs, entrances, wet water and slope surfaces. The hard surface formed after construction will adhere to the object for a long time, the stability is extremely strong, and it will not fall off due to external force. The wear resistance and toughness are better than stone, which enhances the durability of use. Type of stone anti-skid material Available in a variety of colors, flexible construction, suitable for natural stone, terrazzo, wood, ceramics, concrete, water and slippery stone and ceramic stairs, slopes and entrances. Professionally solves the problem of slippery and is suitable for natural and man-made materials. Such as: natural stone, terrazzo, artificial microcrystalline stone, concrete, ceramics, etc. It has three functions of brightening, anti-skid and curing. It is non-acidic and is used for marble, terrazzo, natural stone, ceramic tile and wood board. It has breathability and wear resistance. Professionally solve commercial and industrial floor slip, suitable for indoor floors with high requirements for safe walking. It is resistant to gasoline, acids and most oils. It can also resist hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, alcohol, etc. The first choice for outdoor floor skid, non-slip and non-embossed, with high UV resistance, suitable for food processing plants, fast food and commercial kitchens, slopes, etc.

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  • How thick is the granite countertop?
    How thick is the granite countertop?

    In general, granite countertops are between 0.5 and 1.5 feet thick. The thickness of a granite countertop is proportional to its size. Therefore, the thickness of a 96-foot kitchen countertop is typically 1-1.25 feet. The thickness of a 36-foot bathroom countertop may be 0.5-0.75 feet. In addition, non-solid granite countertops can be used as a cover for kitchen or bathroom countertops. Granite bricks and the like are generally thinner than solid granite countertops, and their thickness is mostly about 0.33 feet. These are glued to concrete countertops, which are more susceptible to breakage or shedding because they are thinner and lighter than solid granite countertops. Third, granite countertop weight Thicker granite countertops are also heavier. Some granite crafts can weigh up to one ton and require cranes or lifts for installation. These are usually fixed decorations in the garden. They are large enough to withstand the effects of various outdoor environmental factors. Small pieces of interior decorations are usually 20 to 80 pounds. The 20-pound weight is usually a single vanity top, and the larger one can be used as a kitchen countertop. Some professional kitchens use granite countertops. These are usually large granite countertops in the room, often weighing more than 400 pounds. Installing an 80-pound kitchen countertop is very tiring. Lifting them and placing them in position can cause damage to the countertop. You need to find someone to help you when you install it yourself. The above is the thickness of the granite countertops introduced by Xiaobian. I read the introduction of Xiaobian. Do you know more about the thicker granite countertops? I hope to bring you help.

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  • The basic requirements for the curb stone at the construction site
    The basic requirements for the curb stone at the construction site

    The basic requirements for the processing of stone into roadside stone at the construction site. The curb should be consistent with stone, without cracks and weathering. The ultimate compressive strength of granite water retention should be no less than 100 MPa, the wear rate of Los Angeles method is less than 30%, and the wear rate of Defar method is less than 5%. The radioactive level of the stone curb should meet the radioactive specific activity CRae ≤ 1000 Bq / kg radium equivalent concentration. The curb should be anchored and stable, so that the line is straight, straight and without folds. The top surface should be flat and free of faulty teeth. The owner's request must not be cemented with cement mortar. The curb must be installed before the asphalt surface is constructed and protected during the construction of the asphalt surface to prevent pollution. After the curb is buried, the backfill material should be compacted or protected to prevent deformation during the construction of the surface layer. It is strictly forbidden to bury the edge stone after paving the asphalt surface layer. The curb stone transported to the construction site shall be inspected again, and should be handled with care to avoid damage, unsatisfactory strength, inconsistent color, 5 mm in appearance size error, lack of edges, corners, pits, cracks, inconsistent colors, etc. Do not use if the test fails. Usually, the roadside stone uses mostly granite, then the bluestone sandstone, and the basalt has a part. The marble does not need to be a roadside stone. Common granite tartars are gray hemp, white hemp, soothing red, sesame black, bluestone and so on.

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  • Dalei Stone Welcome Your Visit This March 6th-9th at Xiamen Stone Fair 2019
    Dalei Stone Welcome Your Visit This March 6th-9th at Xiamen Stone Fair 2019

    Dear friends, Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd is going to exhibit its products on 2019 Xiamen Stone Fair, you are warmly welcomed to visit our booth C5034 at this March 6th to 9th. The main products going to be exhibited includes new marble tiles and slabs for interior bathroom and kitchen, new Hainan G654 granite and Hainan black basalt. And also other granite for floor paving, curbstone, tombstone, countertop etc. Hope to meet you at 2019 Xiamen Stone Fair. Also please contact us freely if you need any product catalog before the fair. Thank you.

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  • Dalei Stone 2018 Mid-autumn Day Feast
    Dalei Stone 2018 Mid-autumn Day Feast

    Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., ltd hold its 2018 Mid-autumn Day celebration feast with all its staffs on Sep 14th 2018. All company members including the quality control team members from various cities come together in Xiamen to join this feast. The General Manager Mr. Zhou presents awards to the staff with best performance in their job and sales. The mooncake gambling is also held during the feast. everybody is exciting and happy with gains.

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  • Visit Dalei Stone at 2018 Marmomac Italy Stone Expo This Sep 26 - 29
    Visit Dalei Stone at 2018 Marmomac Italy Stone Expo This Sep 26 - 29

    Dear Friend, Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd is going to attend and exhibit our granite and marble products on Stone Expo Marmomac 2018 this September 26th to 29th, please feel free to visit our booth at H2-H3-C Hall 8. We prepared our best quality products with best price for your checking and negotiation. We wish to open a brand new and further business cooperation with your esteemed company. Below are our booth map and some product photos for your information. The granite and marble that are going to be shown at the Marmomac Stone Expo More products: If you have any further questions or interest, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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  • What is the difference between natural stone and artificial stone?
    What is the difference between natural stone and artificial stone?

    What is the difference between natural stone and artificial stone? The pattern hue of the stone is different: natural stone texture and color are naturally formed.Natural formation of texture disorder, such as: golden thread rice yellow, silver line rice yellow. The texture of artificial stone is to imitate the texture of natural stone, and its regular lines are clear and single. The weight of the stone is different: Two kinds of plates under the same specification, The weight of natural stone is very heavy, Artificial stone is lighter in weight. The wear resistance of stone is different: The abrasion resistance of artificial stone itself is not as good as that of natural stone. The acid and alkali tolerance of stone is different: By hydrochloric acid test, droplets on the surface of natural marble will appear rich foam, artificial marble will not appear obvious foam. The permeability of the stone is different: natural stone is more permeable than artificial stone. The color of liquid drops on the surface of natural stone, color will penetrate into the stone interior, it is not easy to remove the traces left, And the permeability of artificial stone is poor and the color is slow to penetrate. If you clean it in time, you will not leave any trace. Natural stone has a relatively large density, hard texture, excellent scratch resistance and good wear resistance. Moreover, the texture is very beautiful, and the cost is low. It is an economical and practical table material. Artificial stone is made of unsaturated polyester resin as bonding agent, mixed with natural marble or calcite, dolomite, silica sand, glass powder and other inorganic materials, as well as a proper amount of flame retardant, color, etc. Through mixing, casting, vibration compression, extrusion and other methods. Compared with natural stone,artificial stone has the advantages of bright color, high gloss, uniform color, high resistance to resistance, good toughness, good toughness, compact structure, strong durability, light weight, no water absorption, erosion weathering, small color difference, color faded, low radioactivity and so on. It has the advantage of comprehensive utilization of resources and plays an important role in environmental protection and energy saving. It is also a veritable green environmental protection product of building materials. It has become the first choice material for modern architecture.

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  • Dry Installation Method of Marble Wall Tile
    Dry Installation Method of Marble Wall Tile

    Dry installation method of marble wall tile is usually used for building outer wall decoration. Here are detail process about this method. 1.Measure and locate the position, punch holes in the wall with the electric drill. 2.Prepare 4 expansion screws for each marble tile. 3.Use a hammer to knock the expansion screws into the pre-drilled holes. 4.Using the wrench to install the fastener on the expansion screw. 5.Check if the fastener is firmly fixed or not. 6.The distance of the expansion screw is based on the size of the tile. 7.Put the marble against the fastener, then the previously smeared marble glue will stick on the marble, which will help us to determine the slot position. 8.Slot the marble on the positions with the smeared glue. 9.After the slotting is finished, smear a lot of marble glue. Polishing on the slotted surface increase the glue viscosity of the rough surface. 10.Put the glue on the marble to make it firmly. 11.Put the marble in a suitable position and fix it horizontally. 12.The marble installation is finished, the effect is good. Safe guards for installation process. 1.Make timely and targeted safety training for construction workers, the two sides sign the entry into force. 2.Signing economic contracts and production safety agreements with sub contractors and professional construction companies. 3.Site construction personnel after three levels of safety education, examination qualified before the job 4.The use of a ladder must be solid, not a lack of layer, The ladder must have a solid rope attached to the solid support, and the floor has anti-skid measures. 5.Use wooden stools to be firm and reliable, keeping the four angles and the ground smoothly, It is strictly forbidden to use a stool and a ladder for more than two people. 6.Personnel who enter the construction site must wear safety helmet, and fasten hat. 7.The workers can't throw away the construction waste at will, It is not allowed to throw debris from the air at random. 8.For those suffering from heart disease, epilepsy, hypertension, anemia and other diseases, it is strictly prohibited to engage in construction operations. 9.At work hours you are not allowed to drink, smoke, play and should concentrate on your work. Three phase five wire power supply must be used in the construction site. 11.All electrical equipment and facilities must be connected to zero and grounded, The protection of zero and ground wire is strong and reliable. 12.The cable line should be used in the cable line, The overhead laying must be protected by protective measures, The lock in the electric box must be intact, sensitive and effective, and clean inside the box. 13.Electric leakage protection devices must be installed for electric machinery, electric tools and lighting lamps. The leakage protector should be sensitive and effective. 14.Electric machinery, electrical equipment and electric tools must be controlled by "one machine, one gate", and no use of "one gate and multiple machin...

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  • How to maintain & clean granite countertops
    How to maintain & clean granite countertops

    Let's learn 5 easy steps to maintain and clean your granite countertops. Step 1, Clean liquid dropped on the countertop in time. Use dish towel or soft tissue to eliminate liquid dropped on the countertop surface in time, especially the acid liquid, like soda, orange juice, alcohol etc. And then use a wet soft cloth to clean the surface again to keep all the dropped liquid off the countertop. Timely clean is important. Step 2, Keep the edge of your countertop far away from heavy item. Do not drop heavy item on the edge of your countertop, including climb on your countertop, grab it to keep your body balance. Those action will cause the fall off of the edge. Step 3, Do not let the high temperature pot to touch the countertop surface directly. Put a coaster under the hot pot if it needs to be placed on your countertop, to avoid the high temperature damage. Especially for the materials with low heat resistance character. Step 4, Keep irritating cleaning products away from your countertop Do not use irritating cleaning products to clean your countertop, the acid contained inside will do harm to the surface of your top. Step 5, Seal the surface of your countertop The solvent-based sealant can be used to seal the surface of the top, so as to improve the anti-pollution feature of your top. The frequency of the seal is every 2 to 3 years.

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  • Dalei Stone Provides Various Surface Processing of Natural Stone
    Dalei Stone Provides Various Surface Processing of Natural Stone

    Dalei Stone is specialized in providing various of natural stone surface finish to meet different building project requirements. Polished surface is normal processing way, the polishing degree is usually up from 80 degree., can even reach 90 to 100 degree. Which can best display the natural multi-color and natural vein of granite and marble. Honed surface is also welcomed in the market. The polishing degree is usually between 30 to 50 degree. The processing stone got flat surface but low brightness. Flamed surface processing is a cheap and suitable for exterior granite wall installing. The stone surface is rough. The price is cheap. Bush-hammered surface is a complicated surface processing to make the stone surface rough. It includes machining and human processing methods. Human processing makes better result, but take more time and the cost if higher. Chiseled surface is commonly used for granite sculpture rough surface. Like bush hammered surface, this processing also includes machining and human processing methods. Rough-picked surface makes the stone surface looks much more rough than bush-hammered or chiseled surface. Flamed+brush surface can eliminate the thorns feeling of flamed surface. It is also called antique surface. Mushroom stone surface is widely used for economic exterior wall decoration. The thickness of the stone reaches 5 cm or up. Natural cleft is widely used on cube stone, curb stone. Machine-cut surface Grooved surface with many grooves in the same depth and width on natural stone surface. Sandblasted surface is using corundum in place of water to brush stone surface. Water-jet is using high pressure water to brush the stone surface to eliminate those soften composite to reach special rough appearance. Brushed surface Tumbled surface Pickling is for special effect requested by the designer.

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  • Meet Xiamen Dalei Stone at 2018 DesignBUILD Expo
    Meet Xiamen Dalei Stone at 2018 DesignBUILD Expo

    Xiamen Dalei Stone Co., Ltd is going to attend the Design BUILD Expo this May, welcome to visit us at Melbourne, Sydney, Australia. Date: May 2nd ~ May 4th, 2018 Add: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006 Booth No.: CIEC P10,hall INTERNATIONAL PAVILIONS, XIAMEN DALEI STONE

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