How to polish pebbles?

Most of the pebbles are used as gardens and paving. Generally, pure natural oval pebbles are used. Generally, no special processing is required, but some simple treatment is needed, so the effect will be better. How to polish the pebbles? What are the cobblestone paving processes? Don't worry, let's talk about it for everyone. Let's take a look.
How to polish pebbles?

1. Clean the surface of the stone

Different cleaning materials and cleaning methods can be used depending on the stone surface. Generally speaking, the stone can be soaked in water for a period of time. After the surface dirt is softened, the dirt is brushed off with a brush; if the dirt is difficult to clean, it can also be cleaned with some dilute hydrochloric acid as a cleaning agent. However, if it is a stone with a soft stone, try not to use dilute hydrochloric acid to prevent the stone and color of the stone surface from being damaged. The general principle is: try to keep the original color and skin of the stone intact.

2, dry the stone

Method one, naturally dry and dry; method two, heating and drying. The heating method can be heated by an electric air cylinder. This method is easier to master and safer and easier. You can also choose a hot day with a bright sun and heat the stone. Or use other methods that you think are practicable; method three, you can also roast while heating. The general principle: the purpose of heating the stone is to make the wax easily penetrate into the stone.

3. Use waxy materials

In general, the waxy material that is easier to find is the white mineral wax used for general lighting. Of course there are other hard waxy materials. Another waxy material is liquid wax. The liquid wax I usually use is the liquid wax used for the glazing of the car dial. The point to be emphasized here is that if such a car liquid wax is used, the heating process can be omitted for the stone. Because automotive liquid wax is prone to fire when exposed to high temperatures, it is easy to cause a safety accident if it is not well mastered.

4, Shang La (broiled wax)

For hard wax, you can also use heating tools (such as electric air cylinder) to align the wax material while heating, so that the wax is slowly soaked in the stone; you can also put the hard wax into the container to heat it. After that, brush the wax to the surface of the stone, so that the liquid slowly soaks into the stone. In this process, it is also possible to heat with an electric air cylinder to speed up the penetration of the wax. After the wax is soaked to a certain extent, the wax on the surface of the stone that is no longer soaked is scraped off, and then the surface of the stone is wiped with a dry soft cloth (such as cotton cloth). If the stone has a strong ability to absorb the wax, the above process can be repeated. Continue to wipe with a dry cloth until the surface of the stone is waxed. In principle, liquid wax is also operated. After the above process, the process of glazing a stone is basically completed.

oval pebbles


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