How to maintain the flamed surface finished stone.


When stone is used as a high-grade decorative material for the decoration of building surfaces, the maintenance and maintenance of stone is increasingly urgent and important. The refurbishment process of the stone fire board is uniformly moved by the flame spray on the board surface, the moving speed is 120~250 mm per second, the distance between the spray gun mouth and the board surface is 20~40 mm, and the inclination angle is mutually, the flame The temperature is 800~1000 °C. Before the flame is sprayed, the plate is sprayed first (to prevent the plate from burning when the flame is burned, and the water is heated to absorb heat). Let it fall off the surface layer of 0.5~1 mm. The granite material processed by this method exposes the true color of the stone, and has a simple, rough and natural feeling. Then use the stone anti-fouling and anti-seepage treatment method to maintain and protect the stone. Methods as below:

Stone anti-fouling and anti-seepage treatment is a strong osmosis effect of anti-seepage agent. It does not form a film on the surface layer and penetrates into the internal micropores to form a nano-scale spherical crystal curing layer, which can prevent the entry of various water pollutants. It can not affect the color and breathability of the stone, and avoid the stone lesion caused by the moisture retention inside the stone; the dust and pollution can only float on the surface of the stone, and the cleaning is convenient. The waterproof antifouling protection agent has strong penetrating power and plays a role in maintenance and protection of the stone surface of the building.

? 1, will not change the performance and color of the stone surface;

2, lasting and effective to prevent erosion and damage caused by water, freezing and air pollution;

? 3, long-lasting and effective to prevent sewage infiltration, dust adhesion, to keep the surface of the treated stone clean;

4, persistent inhibition of mold, moss, macular growth;

? 5, with 100% permeability, to maintain the original permeability of the building; 6, improve thermal insulation performance, with UV resistance, protect the surface color of the stone, prevent fading;

7, with self-cleaning, self-cleaning ability, strong wind, rain can clean the surface of the treated dust, rinse with high-pressure water, will not destroy its surface effect.

8. Effectively prevent colored oils such as cooking oil, blue-black ink, juice, cola, coffee, tea, soy sauce, red wine, etc. from infiltrating into the pollution, easy to maintain and clean. Maintain the natural color appearance and breathability of the substrate.

All the fire-burning stone is afraid of acid and alkali, which will make the fire plate yellow, the surface of the fire plate is eroded, and the alkali will cause the fire to cause the crystal to peel off, so that the surface of the fire plate will be lost. A cleaner with a neutral pH should be used. The daily cleaning of the fire board requires only mild soap and water.

To keep the ventilation and dry, the fire plate is afraid of too much environmental humidity, the water will produce hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of the stone, resulting in water spots, whitening, weathering, erosion, rust and other diseases.

The surface of the fire board should not cover the carpet for a long time. Otherwise, the stone will be damaged due to excessive moisture and water content. If the carpet is laid or the debris is piled up, it needs to be changed frequently. Once oil, tea, coffee, etc. are poured on the stone, it must be cleaned immediately to prevent penetration into the pores of the stone. All stone materials have natural capillary pores. If the soil is not treated in time, it will easily penetrate into the interior of the stone to form annoying stains.


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