How to assess the quality of stone mine resources


Stone is a resource-dependent industry, and stone resources have also been favored by many investors. Major industries have successively joined the stone industry, and the stone mining industry has formed a pattern of diversification of investment entities.

The main contents of stone mine evaluation include the following aspects:

1. Scale of deposit: refers to the amount of stone storage. According to the relevant scale, it plans to build a corresponding mining scale mine, so that the mine resources can meet the ore quantity required for mining within the service life of the mine.

2. Color of stone variety: The main color of stone variety, understand the structure, chemical composition and physical property parameters of stone, to determine the properties of stone, decoration performance and use, and finally to correctly market the stone varieties.

Due to geological influences, the ore quality of the deposit will change, which can provide a reliable basis for mine design and mining and marketing.

3. Ore body integrity: The most important indicator for evaluating whether a stone deposit has a mining value. The block rate is an indicator of industrial requirements that is produced by stone mines. The block rate refers to the ratio of the total amount of stone material to the total ore volume of the ore body stone.

4. Mine construction conditions: The evaluation of stone deposits should not only evaluate the regional geology and deposit geology, but also make a comprehensive evaluation of the hydrogeology and engineering geology of the mining area and the construction conditions of the mine.

To develop and construct mines, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the mine transportation roads, industrial sites, block yards, and dumping sites, the amount of road construction, the difficulty and capital input, whether the location of the industrial site is reasonable, and the capacity of the waste yard.

Whether the location of the dump site is safe, the amount of slag, etc. needs to be understood in the initial evaluation stage. These mine projects must be fully considered when planning the site.

The construction conditions of stone mines should also include relevant national policy contents, such as various nature reserves and water source protection areas. Mining activities are prohibited in the area, but mining of stone materials around these areas is also highly risky. Open-pit mining of stone will inevitably cause damage to the natural ecology. In order to reduce the impact on the environment, geological conditions and technical and economic conditions permit the underground mining method.


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