Application and art of granite stone pots

Core Tip: Stone pots, also known as cobblestone pots, are made of stone or pebbles. It belongs to the creative flower pot, the flower pot is small, the volume is exquisite, and it can be placed on the palm of the hand. It is suitable for breeding succulents and miniature plants. Because of its beautiful appearance, it has been loved by many people. Introduced are large stone flower pots, various types of stone potted flower products made of natural granite stone.
     Natural stone granite flower pots, granite flower pots are hard and compact, high in strength, resistant to weathering, corrosion, abrasion and water absorption. The beautiful color can be preserved for more than 100 years and the color is beautiful.
   The flower pot is a utensil for planting flowers, and the utensils for display are small inverted round table or chamfered table shape at the bottom end of the mouth, and the texture is mostly granite natural stone.
   Granite stone pots, marble pots are soft and beautiful, elegant in style, rich in color, good in rigidity, high in hardness, strong in abrasion resistance and small in temperature deformation. Easy maintenance and long service life.
    Stone flower pots are mainly used for urban decoration and landscaping. Its appearance has increased the landscape of the city and enriched the spiritual enjoyment of urban residents. As an integral part of the city, flower pots can exist alone or in combination with buildings. It is not only built to beautify the environment, but its existence also reflects the spirit of the city.

  Natural stone stone flower pots are made of stone carving pots made of natural stone. The shape is realistic and lifelike. It is suitable for residential areas, squares, gardens, hotels, schools, outdoor garden landscape projects and other places.


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